The World is a pre-determined conglomerate of particles, so calculable as to be
reduced to a child’s math equation. For most of we exist simply in the spaces
between the parallel lines of that equal sign. Wherein, then, falls the esteemed personage of Matthew J. Rainwater, ESQ? One shall not find him in that white space, no, for he has slipped between cracks to a place beyond mere atomic
configuration. Unprecedented? Aye. Impossible? Nay.

Scuttling by on the chitinous legs of his cartooning like a crab plumbing abysses,
unconcerned with the fates above, he has turned his eyes to darker truths and
the hidden depths of a world sadly changed. Or would you need proof? Then look no further than his resplendent coloring on Plants vs Zombies, his depictions of
the mundane made mad in Trailer Park Warlock, his trenchant appraisal of human relation in The Feeling is Multiplied, his attempts to mythologize music’s manic
majesty in Garage Raja. Finally, consider nothing more than the unblinking gaze of this, his latest, Batmonster, a staring contest with oblivion itself.

For it is said that in all contests at least one shall wink.
But what if neither need ever do so?

A dry rub, indeed...


There are men who lurk in the corner like spiders, spinning a web of gossamer fabrics for home and protection both. Austin Price is not as one of them; not yet.

In the nonce he is something more like an ant, shuffling from pile to pile of debris in search of what material he might scavenge for sustenance in his eternal and fatally fruitless attempt to prolong coming death. He has rummaged through the refuse of the musical and patched together Rush to Die alongside composer Costas Dafnis; he has cobbled up from the crumbs of criticism quite a few book reviews for Pop Matters and the Fjords Review; even has he taken from the left over scraps of the short story to construct ’’Boxing Day’’ as well as dozens of other yet-hidden short stories.

Most nourishing still, though, remains comics, from which he has feasted multiple times with artist Matthew Rainwater on meals such as Garage Raja, Street Kings,
’’The Breaker’s War’’ and still more comics that remain hidden in the dark.
Batmonster is their latest collaboration, the revival of a specter long in hiding.

God help us all.